US approval to target Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq

The US has approved plans to target Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, a senior American official said that these attacks will be carried out in the coming days and the weather will decide when to start these attacks. US officials did not say how long the strikes would likely last, but the operation would likely be carried out during bad weather, but would be limited to the extent that the strikes did not kill any civilians. This decision was made after three American soldiers were killed in an attack on an American base in Jordan a few days ago.

US approval to target Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq

After these attacks, the United States alleged that the Iranian-backed militants had targeted the American base. The Islamic Resistance Front in Iraq is believed to have targeted US bases which the US claimed were being supplied with weapons and funds by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. 41 soldiers were also injured in the attack on the US base called Tower 22 and Iran categorically said that it had no role whatsoever in these attacks.

US approval to target Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq

According to the Reuters news agency, four US officials claimed that the drones used in the attacks were produced by Iran. In a news conference on Thursday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the US will not tolerate attacks on its troops. He said that we will take all necessary steps to protect America, its interests and the interests of its people and we will take action wherever, whenever and however we deem it necessary.

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It should be noted that since the attacks in Jordan, the US president has been under intense pressure from Republican lawmakers to attack Iranian soil.

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