The United Nations meeting on Afghanistan in Doha, the Taliban government has set conditions for participation

Taliban officials have said that their participation in the international meeting called by the United Nations on the issue of Afghanistan will be “in vain” if certain conditions are not accepted. According to the report of, this statement from the Taliban officials came out just one day before the beginning of this meeting. The aim is to discuss more integrated international engagement with Afghanistan. The meeting is a follow-up to the May 2023 talks in Doha, to which no Afghans were invited, but this time both members of Afghan civil society and Taliban officials have been invited to the meeting.

The United Nations Meeting On Afghanistan In Doha, The Taliban Government Has Set Conditions For Participation

The nature of the participation of the Taliban government in this meeting is still not clear, officials say that if some conditions are not fulfilled, then the Taliban delegation is unlikely to participate in this meeting. On Saturday, Afghanistan’s foreign ministry said it had reiterated its terms to the United Nations.

The United Nations meeting on Afghanistan in Doha

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that if the Islamic Emirate participates as the only responsible party on behalf of Afghanistan, and if there is a clear dialogue between the Afghan delegation and the United Nations on all issues at the highest level. If there is an opportunity, participation in this meeting will be beneficial, otherwise ineffective participation of Afghan authorities in this meeting will be considered useless.

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A senior diplomatic source said that the Taliban delegation has requested a face-to-face meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to present their position to him. It has not been officially recognized by any country since the withdrawal of US troops and the Taliban taking over in August 2021. Different countries have taken different approaches to relations with Afghanistan’s new authorities, but there have been significant obstacles such as restrictions on women’s rights and security concerns.

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