The price of petroleum products is likely to remain unchanged

The price of petroleum products is likely to remain unchanged – According to a report by Dawn newspaper, informed officials said that the premium on petrol import rose to $12.15 per barrel from February’s $10.45 per barrel, but exchange rates and oil prices in the global market remained in a range, while diesel prices remained in a range. The import premium remains at $6.50 per barrel, resulting in an increase in petrol prices of around one rupee while diesel prices may drop by one rupee. Therefore, the government can maintain the prices of both the products through adjustment of exchange rate and Inland Freight Equalization Margin (IFEM), similarly the prices of kerosene and light diesel are also unlikely to change.

Petrol price likely to remain unchanged

The government is already charging a development levy of Rs 60 per liter on both petrol and diesel, the maximum allowed under the law, in the current financial year as part of its commitment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The government’s target is to collect 869 billion rupees from petroleum levy.

Petrol Diesel Prices

The government has collected Rs 475 billion during the first half (July-December), the government expects to collect around Rs 970 billion by the end of the fiscal year although the revised target is now set at Rs 920 billion by the end of June.

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Currently, the government is charging around Rs 82 per liter tax on both petrol and diesel, although the General Sales Tax (GST) on all petroleum products is nil, the government is charging Rs 60 per liter petroleum development levy on both products. Is.

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