Prize Bond Schedule 2024 State Bank Of Pakistan

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 State Bank Of Pakistan – The 2024 National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule is set to begin on January 1 and run through December 15, 2024. The January through December Prize Bond Schedule is available for the following denominations: PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, and 40000 Premium Prize Bond. The government launched this prize bond program for the general public, and everyone who is interested or involved can learn everything there is to know about their prize bond.

Prize Bonds Complete Draw Schedule 2024

A Prize Bond is a lottery bond that is issued by the Prize Bond Company Limited as a non-interest bearing instrument on behalf of the Minister of Finance. The Pakistani Ministry of Finance is another entity that sells prize bonds. Regarding the Prize Bond Schedule 2024, the idea was first introduced in 1960 and has since been recognized as a bearer security and gold investment.


#98 750 15 Apr, 24 Mon HYDERABAD Upcoming
#46 100 15 May, 24 Wed LAHORE Upcoming
#98 1500 15 May, 24 Wed KARACHI Upcoming
#14 25000 10 Jun, 24 Mon PESHAWAR Upcoming
#29 40000 10 Jun, 24 Mon MULTAN Upcoming
#98 200 17 Jun, 24 Mon RAWALPINDI Upcoming
#99 750 15 Jul, 24 Mon QUETTA Upcoming
#47 100 15 Aug, 24 Thu KARACHI Upcoming
#99 1500 15 Aug, 24 Thu MULTAN Upcoming
#15 25000 10 Sep, 24 Tue HYDERABAD Upcoming
#30 40000 10 Sep, 24 Tue LAHORE Upcoming
#99 200 16 Sep, 24 Mon PESHAWAR Upcoming
#100 750 15 Oct, 24 Tue FAISALABAD Upcoming
#48 100 15 Nov, 24 Fri MULTAN Upcoming
#100 1500 15 Nov, 24 Fri RAWALPINDI Upcoming
#16 25000 10 Dec, 24 Tue QUETTA Upcoming
#31 40000 10 Dec, 24 Tue MUZAFFARABAD Upcoming
#100 200 16 Dec, 24 Mon SIALKOT Upcoming
Note: In case draw fall in public holiday (s) the draw will be held on the following working day (s)

Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Many claim that no man can get wealthy suddenly and that there is no elevator to success. They pronounce it incorrectly. With the Prize bond, one can gain access to the success elevator and become wealthy over night. But no individual on earth is smart enough to figure out how to live off his suddenly enlarged bank account in an instant. Because of this, talents are required; luck alone will not do. By taking part in the prize bond program, you can legally invest wisely, safely, and with a possibility to win prize money in the shortest amount of time.

prize bond schedule

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Prize bond Schedule 2024 – January to December

Prize bond schemes are highly regarded as a premium opportunity to achieve one’s financial goals and objectives. They enable someone to win an enormous sum of money that can quickly make them wealthy. Are you ready to make quick money? The Prize Bond Schedule 2024 is the ideal option if that’s the case.

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Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Pdf Download

All you really need to know is how to keep your bank account afloat after winning the lotto. The only way to legally change your destiny and generate money in as little as a minute is to enter into a Prize Bond.  Prize bonds are bearer instruments, much as banknotes, meaning that the holder is the owner. A gold investment is the Prize Bond scheme. In actuality, Prize Bond Schedule 2024 is a legitimate way to make money and get wealthy quickly. It could be a fantastic opportunity to realize one’s dreams. The security is a bearer type that comes in the following denominations: 100 PKR, 200 PKR, 750 PKR, 1500 PKR, 7500 PKR, and 15000 PKR Prize Bond.

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