PPP Will Form The Government In Balochistan

Protests against the alleged rigging of elections are intensifying in several parts of the country, while the candidates and leaders of the Pakistan People’s Party who won the elections from Balochistan announced the formation of a coalition government under the leadership of Chief Minister Jayale. According to the report of voteteer.com.pk, the newly elected members of the National and Provincial Assembly in Quetta, while holding a joint press conference, said that it is unfortunate that the losing candidates and their parties are criticizing the institutions, officers and candidates. He said that PPP has successfully emerged as the largest party in 11 seats in the province, so their party has the right to form the government in Balochistan, adding that coordination with other parties for coalition government. is being done.

PPP Will Form The Government In Balochistan

The newly elected members of the National Assembly who spoke at the joint press conference included former Chief Minister Balochistan Nawabzada Jamal Khan Raisani and Malik Shah, while the newly elected provincial members included Haji Ali Madad Jatak, Obaidullah, Abdul Samad, Mir Zahoor Ahmad Bilidi and Mir Asghar Rand. PPP provincial president Mir Chingiz Jamali, Sardar Umar Gurgej and Sardar Sarbaland Khan Jogizai were also present on the occasion of the press conference.

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He claimed that despite the negative propaganda against the PPP, the people of Quetta and other parts of Balochistan have given the mandate to their party so that they can be truly represented in the parliament. He said that the track record of PPP should be clear that whenever our party came to power, it always took steps for the development of the province. He said that using harsh language against the newly elected representatives is condemnable, he warned that no one will be allowed to use such tactics against the representatives of the people of Balochistan.

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Newly elected Member of Provincial Assembly Ali Madad Jatak said that we have always struggled and shown patience, but we will not allow anyone to use harsh language against our leadership and assembly members. The leaders said that talks have been started with other parties that won seats in the province so that a PPP-led coalition government can be established in Balochistan. Provincial President of PPP Mir Chingiz Khan Jamali said that Chief Minister Jayala of PPP will lead the coalition government of Balochistan.

The successful candidates said that despite the propaganda against the PPP candidates and the attacks on the leaders, the people of Balochistan have given a clear mandate to their party. He said that it is time to bury the politics of hate forever, adding that those criticizing PPP should tell what they have done for the people.

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