PPP Asked For Participation In The Punjab Setup To Support PMLN In The Federation

In exchange for the support of Muslim League (N) in the federation, the People’s Party also asked for a share in the formation of the government in Punjab, while the leaders of the Muslim League (N) have openly opposed the move to form such a government that for them ‘ Be like a ‘crown of thorns’. According to the report of voteteer.com.pk, PPP sources said that the party has told the Muslim League (N) that all other matters will be decided between them later, but the Muslim League (N) should first give it ‘some place’ in the Punjab setup. Must be given.

PPP Asked For Participation In The Punjab Setup To Support PMLN In The Federation

After this demand, the scheduled meeting of the coordination committees of both sides could not be held yesterday, Muslim League (N) has asked for one more day to meet on Saturday. Sources say that the committee members of the party went to Lahore yesterday to get an answer from the top leadership of the Muslim League (N) on the demand of the PPP, they will return from Lahore today and the meeting between the two parties will be held at 3 pm today. Will be He explained that the PPP has made its support for the formation of the Muslim League (N) government in the federation and the election of the prime minister conditional on the inclusion of the PPP in the Punjab government. Attempts were made to contact PML-N leader Maryam Aurangzeb several times to know her party’s stand on the matter, but she did not respond.

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In Punjab, Muslim League (N) has emerged as the single largest party with 137 general seats in the February 8 elections and a provincial government of Muslim League (N) is expected to be formed in Punjab where the party’s chief organizer Maryam Nawaz will be appointed as Punjab. is likely to be made the new chief minister. PPP won 10 provincial assembly seats in Punjab and emerged as the third largest party there while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came second with 116 seats.

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Sources say that in today’s meeting, the two sides will also discuss the procedure for the formation of the provincial government in Balochistan, where the PPP won the most seats in the February 8 elections, while the Muslim League (N) came second. is on Interestingly, both PPP and Muslim League (N) have claimed to form their own coalition government in Balochistan. PPP sources say that the matter of Balochistan will be decided later, first we should get a place in Punjab. In response to a question, he said that the PPP has not yet decided the names of its candidates for the posts of Speaker, National Assembly and Senate Chairman.

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