PML-N PPP turn on each other over privatisation process

Differences between the PPP and the Muslim League (N) have come to light over the privatization of the National Airline Company (PIA). According to ‘Dawn News’, while rejecting the government’s decision to privatize PIA, the leader of People’s Party Sherry Rehman has said that PIA can be fixed under public-private partnership.

Differences emerged in PPP and Muslim League (N) over the privatization of PIA

He said that this institution can be profitable with public private partnership. It should be remembered that yesterday Federal Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb made it clear in blunt words that there will be privatization of institutions and PIA is at the top of it.

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Talking to the media in Lahore, the Finance Minister said that the government’s job is not to run business but to make policies. Later, PML-N leader and Federal Information Minister Atta Tarar said that the government’s effort is to complete the tender for the privatization of PIA in May. Ata Tarar further said that the outsourcing of airports will also be completed soon.

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