Pagara warns of martial law emergency amid political crisis

The leader of the Grand Democratic Alliance, Pir Pagara, also known as Pir Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi, gave a dire warning on Friday, saying that the coalition government would fall within ten months and that martial law or an emergency would likely be imposed in the nation.  Pir Pagara, speaking during a protest sit-in against alleged election rigging at Jamshoro Bypass, said that the GDA’s position went beyond simply contesting the polls to reveal the structural flaws that beset the political process.

Pagara Warns Of Martial Law Emergency Amid Political Crisis

“We had no interest in the elections as the results were available three months prior,” said Pir Pagara. “They have been exposed on a national and international scale today.” Hinting at the precariousness of the current political situation, he cautioned that eliminating the army would turn the country into a state similar to Palestine.

Pagara warns of martial law
In response to allegations of corruption, Pir Pagara stood up for former prime minister Imran Khan, saying, “If he is a thief, then we are all thieves.” He drew attention to the larger structural problems with governance and proposed that everyone bear some of the blame for previous wrongdoings.

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He acknowledged the PTI supporters’ political prowess during the elections and expressed gratitude for their efforts, showing a growing disenchantment with the current political and judicial systems. He said, “People find another way to seek justice if you don’t give it to them.”

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