LHC Notifies Parties On Appeal To Remove Imran Riaz’s Name

LHC Notifies Parties On Appeal To Remove Imran Riaz’s Name: On February 15, the Lahore High Court requested a response from the parties about the request to remove journalist and senior anchor Imran Riaz’s name from the Exit Control List (ECL). The name of journalist Imran Riaz Khan was struck from the ECL by the Lahore High Court. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan heard the plea of Imran Riaz Khan at a hearing on the miscellaneous removal application. Through the mediation of Advocate Azhar Siddique, Imran Riaz Khan submitted the application, and it was determined that Imran Riaz Khan’s information was available.

Notice Issued to the Parties on the Request to Remove Imran Riaz’s Name from ECL

LHC Notifies Parties On Appeal To Remove Imran Riaz's Name

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Imran Riaz’s name has been added to PCL or ECL after being removed from the PNIL list. As per the petition, Imran Riaz, ECL, and PCL are not the subject of a formal complaint. The practice of including names in CL is against Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution, which is why it is illegal. The petitioner asked the court to ensure that the name would not appear on any other lists in the event that it was taken off the PNIL list. Subsequently, on February 15, the court demanded a response from the parties.

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