I was told to give us 3 years, 2 years for you to rule, Bilawal Bhutto

Former Foreign Minister and Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto has said that I was told to give us 3 years and you to rule for 2 years but I refused saying that I will not become such a prime minister and the people of Pakistan will make me the prime minister. Addressing the public meeting of the People’s Party in Thatta, Chairman People’s Party said that I am grateful to all of you, the people of the country proved that the People’s Party is the chain of the four provinces. He said that I was running an election campaign all over Pakistan, I ran an election campaign in Balochistan after Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and after Balochistan I also ran an election campaign in Punjab and Sindh. The former foreign minister said that I participated in the election to get the people out of trouble, I was contesting the election for the people, not to become the prime minister.

I was told to give us 3 years, 2 years for you to rule, Bilawal Bhutto

On this occasion, he addressed all the political parties and said that the political parties have to think about the benefit of the people instead of personal interests. If the people elect me, I will become the prime minister. He further said that there are some forms in the country’s politics that cannot win without rigging, those who cannot win without rigging are also protesting, they are protesting because rigging has become less and should be more. was Chairman of People’s Party said that we were told to give us 3 years, you should rule for 2 years. He said that I will sit in the National Assembly as the voice of the people, I will represent you and will not allow anyone to do injustice. Bilawal Bhutto said that the People’s Party does not rig but still wins, all the winning and losing political parties are protesting, if the current situation remains, who will get the people out of difficulties?


He said that they are collecting the complaints of ticket holders of PPP from all over the country, they will present the complaints of ticket holders on the relevant platforms, PPP has decided that I cannot become the candidate of the Prime Minister according to the election results. The country is burning and we have raised the slogan of Pakistan Khape at this time. The former foreign minister said that PPP wants to save the federation, PPP does not want power, but solutions to people’s problems.

The President called a meeting of the Senate on February 19

Bilawal Bhutto said that some people want dictatorship in the country, we will defeat all the conspiracies with the help of the people, we can arrange improvements only by staying in this system and democratic system. He said that if anyone tries to divide the people, then the country’s interest will be threatened, everyone promise that if I give a call when democracy is threatened, then everyone will have to leave, the time has come to save Pakistan.

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