Gwadar’s land record computerization reached 82%

According to Deputy Commissioner Gwadar Aurangzeb Badini, Gwadar’s land record computerization has achieved 82% as a result of the ongoing efforts of the revenue staff and computerization teams. The land settlement is still ongoing. In order to achieve 100% progress, he noted that the Board of Revenue has been asked to render a final decision in a technical problem. He stated that the Markaz-e-Sahooliat Center at Tehsil Office Gwadar is now the place where residents of Gwadar may obtain all digital land record-related services of 32 Mouzas/Wards.

Gwadar’s land record computerization reached 82%

He emphasized that the electronic land record would not malfunction and would be impervious to fraud, forgery, and corruption. By improving security, efficiency, and transparency, this action will promote both economic expansion and sustainable development. A large amount of land in Baluchistan is held under collective rather than individual ownership by tribes, and is yet unclaimed.  People will have the chance to purchase land in their names after formal settlement takes place, making simple transactions for residential, business, or farming endeavors.

Success notification on 91 seats of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly

The Pasni subdivision in the Gwadar district had its land settlement procedure terminated by the government in 2013.  Confusion over state-owned versus privately held land resulted from the ruling. Transparency and fairness were called into doubt by the sudden termination of the settlement process.  There are still many difficulties and disagreements surrounding the Gwadar land settlement process, which makes it a difficult and divisive topic.

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