Google unveils next-generation AI model called Gemini 1.5

Almost two months after its first release, Google unveiled Gemini 1.5, a new artificial intelligence (AI) model. The business stated in a blog post on Thursday that “the model delivers dramatically enhanced performance, with a breakthrough in long-context understanding across modalities.”  Additionally, the new model is released one week after the Gemini 1.0 Ultra, which the tech business claimed to be the “most capable model.” Gemini 1.5 Pro, the first Gemini 1.5, according to Google, uses fewer computations to produce quality similar to that of 1.0 Ultra.

Google Unveils Next-Generation AI Model Called Gemini 1.5

CEO Sundar Pichai stated in the post, “This new generation also delivers a breakthrough in long-context understanding.”  According to Pichai, Google has greatly expanded the volume of data that the models can handle, routinely processing up to a million tokens, and “achieving any large-scale foundation model’s longest context window to date.”

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“Longer context windows offer us glimpses of the possibilities.” They will open up whole new possibilities and assist developers in creating models and applications that are far more beneficial,” he continued.—AA

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