General Election Duty Payment 2024 Final Rates Announced

General Election Duty Payment 2024 Final Rates Announced – The Pakistani government has released the General Election Duty Payment 2024 today, February 5, 2024. You can review the information on this page regarding the Tuesday Rs. 17.4 billion transfer from the Ministry of Finance to the ECP. According to a report from the division, the Finance Division has given the ECP an extra Rs17.4 billion in addition to the Rs10 billion that it has already been credited with for the country’s general elections, which are set for February 2024.

General Election Duty Payment 2024

Election Duty Payment

Election Held On 08 February 2024
Payment Issued on 05 February 2024
Election Type General Election
ECP Payment Notification Check Online

According to caretaker minister of information Murtaza Solangi, he was able to reassure the public on Monday that there are no financial obstacles preventing the elections from being prepared for on February 8.

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In contrast to what the media has reported, Solangi emphasised that the funds would be released as soon as the ECP requests them.

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The payment for the general election duty in 2024 will be made today, February 5, 2024. The public was reassured on Monday by acting communications minister Murtaza Solangi, who stated that all was proceeding according to plan and that there isn’t a financial issue that would prevent the February 8th election from taking place. Despite claims to the contrary from the media, he emphasised that the authorised funds would be released in accordance with the ECP’s requirements.

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