France has indicated its recognition of the Palestinian state

The French President says that since Israel does not accept the two-state solution, Paris will move towards recognizing the Palestinian state in order to deal with the issues amicably. Unilateral recognition of the state will not change the reality on the ground because comprehensive negotiations are inevitable, but it will result in a little pressure symbolically and diplomatically. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Israel will never relinquish security control of the West Bank and the same will happen if it recognizes a Palestinian state.

France has indicated its recognition of the Palestinian state

In 2014, French lawmakers voted in favor of a resolution urging their government that He should recognize the Palestinian state in order to pave the way for real and lasting peace in the Middle East. He said that this symbolic move will not have any negative impact on the French diplomat. Media with King Abdullah II of Jordan in Paris. In a conversation with French President Emmanuel, he said that Jordan is also with us in the matter of recognizing the Palestinian state, which is our partner in the region. We are working closely with the Jordanian leadership. We are ready to play our role in the European Parliament and the Security Council. The French President also said that the aspirations of the Palestinians have been crushed for a long time. Most European countries do not recognize the Palestinian state and insist on this. They want comprehensive negotiations to be done first.

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