ECP Refutes Allegations Of Poll Rigging

ECP Refutes Allegations Of Poll Rigging: While admitting that there were certain anomalies, the Pakistani Election Commission on Monday denied claims that the general elections on February 8 were rigged. The election watchdog confirmed in a statement that pertinent forms were accessible for inquiry and that it does not deny the existence of a few violations. It further stated, “Immediate decisions are being made on filed complaints.”

ECP Refutes Allegations Of Poll Rigging

According to the ECP, the election was a huge operation that went off without a hitch. In 2018, the commission reported that it had successfully received the first result at 2 p.m. instead of 4 a.m. The ECP acknowledged that the loss of internet service caused an operational impact.

ECP Refutes Allegations Of Rigging During Elections 2024

Regarding the postponement of the election results, the electoral commission stated that certain obstacles were encountered in the transmission of electronic data by the presiding officers (POs) due to the February 8 mobile service outage. On February 8, during the voting process, internet and cell phone services were cut down nationwide. The authorities justified this action as a way to “maintain law and order” in the wake of the violence.

ECP Refutes Allegations Of Poll Rigging

Delay Does Not Mean Rigging, Says: PM Kakar

ECP Rejects Allegations Of Rigging In General Election

In response to a question, the prime minister stated that all parties involved should be commended for the “big achievement” of the polls being conducted peacefully, even in the face of several threats made before the election on February 8 and two terrorist incidents in the province of Balochistan.

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