ECP can take back electoral symbol from parties LHC

The Pakistani Election Commission is authorised to reclaim electoral symbols from political parties, according to a ruling made by the Lahore High Court on Saturday. The LHC dismissed the petition challenging ECP’s authority to reclaim political parties’ election symbols in a written ruling. An 18-page verdict was rendered by Justice Shahid Bilal Hassan.

ECP Can Take Back Electoral Symbol From Parties LHC

The Election Act of 2017’s Section 215 was found by the court to be constitutional. According to the court, Section 215 of the Election Act of 2017 did not violate the Constitution in light of Articles 9, 14, 17, and other provisions.

The court stated that the section was added to the Election Act in order to give the ECP more authority. In its ruling, the court stated that the petitioner’s claim that ECP had the authority to steal an election symbol was in violation of the Constitution. The petitioner asked the court to deem Election Act Section 215 to be invalid.

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