Delay Does Not Mean Rigging, Says: PM Kakar

Delay Does Not Mean Rigging Says PM Kakar: Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, the acting prime minister, defended the election results’ postponement on Monday, pointing out that security concerns caused mobile service disruptions, which in turn delayed the results’ collection. At a news conference following the election, Kakar, whose government was chosen to oversee the nation through elections until an elected setup takes power, stated, “We could afford delay, but terrorist attacks, we could not [..] delay does not mean rigging.”

Delay Does Not Mean Rigging, Says: PM Kakar

The caretaker prime minister stated, during a news briefing today, that it took 36 hours to compile the results of the most recent general elections. News of the elections being manipulated surfaced within a few hours after voting ended.  He continued by saying that the media outlets were projecting “unverified figures.”  He claimed that while speculation about late results and vote-rigging was rampant, nobody knew how long it took to compile the results from more than 90,000 voting places.

Delay In Election Results Do Not Mean Rigging: PM Kakar

Even though more than three days have passed, the full election results are still pending. A total of 264 constituencies have had their votes counted, but one seat is still up for grabs. PTI, JI, and JUI-F ran nationwide polls during the postponement; the former two issued warnings of impending protests.

Delay Does Not Mean Rigging, Says: PM Kakar

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Despite the army’s deployment of troops across the nation during the elections, he insisted, what could he do when they did not release the results?

The premier declared, “We have to put an end to hatred and respect each other.” “I want us to move in the direction of a Pakistan that is healthy.”

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