Bilawal pledges train project from Karachi to Tharparkar

When his party wins power, Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has promised to start building a train from Karachi to Tharparkar. Speaking at a rally in Tharparkar, he highlighted his distinct style of politics, setting himself apart as the only leader who asks voters directly for their support, in contrast to other politicians he accuses of having their eyes on other targets. Should he come to power, Bilawal promised to build three million houses for the impoverished and to double their income.

Bilawal Pledges Train Project From Karachi To Tharparkar

He restated the Thar Coal project’s PPP inception, highlighting its potential to boost the economy and create jobs. Rejecting PML-N claims that the Thar Coal project originated with them, Bilawal Bhutto insisted that if it had been Nawaz Had Sharif succeeded, things would not be as they are now. Following February 8, he made plans to move the Thar Coal project forward.Bilawal

In order to facilitate easy travel for the populace, he said that the PPP would set up trains from Tharparkar to Karachi. Bilawal accused those scouting the Karoonjhar region of seeking to use natural resources for their own gain, and he issued a warning against their predatory intentions. He sent out a strong warning, promising dire repercussions for anyone trying to invade Karoonjhar Mountain.

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Nawaz Sharif’s alleged attempts to influence Pakistan were criticised by Bilawal Bhutto, who also accused his associates of running for office in Sindh.

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